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FiberEdge Raised Garden Kit for Easy Gardening!
Raised Garden Kit
FiberEdge Raised Garden Bed Kit is an easy to install and garden.  Connect corners, fill with dirt and plant!  Garden BIG! at your convenience and watch your vegetables grow!  Simple to assemble and all you add is your dirt mixed with fertilizer, seeds, plants and water and you are good to go!  Nothing like growing your own!
FiberEdge Solar LED Lighted Edging! Light up your Landscape!
LED Solar Lights Edging
FiberEdge Solar LED Lighted fiberglass landscape edging is another great way to light up your home and garden!  Imagine driving up to see your  home decorated with lighting all year long for little to nothing cost!  Lights can be capped with colored light caps for holiday enjoyment!, Order Now page, or call 817-379-4411.
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FiberEdge Solar LED Lighted Edging!  Enjoy the quiet beauty of your lighted landscape! Sparkles and bright lights for your security and enjoyment! Twenty feet of fiberglass landscape edging, 5" tall with square light plug holes running along the top of the edging.  Just plug in the solar lights and the solar panel and enjoy!  
FiberEdge Raised Garden Bed Kit.  Weatherproof and long enduring made of fiberglass composite.  Set up your Garden Bed with this Raised Garden Bed Kit including a cloth liner, boards and fasteners! Pour your favorite bedding mix, plant and water! you are in for a treat!   

Easy to assemble! Composite Push Rivets and Angle Brackets together with the 42" long fiberglass boards and a bed liner to boot! 
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